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Two Point Four Dad is just your average Dad who tries his best, gets it all terribly wrong, blames someone else, and then comes out smelling of roses. In his dreams!!

Star Wars: The Force Dozes Off

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First off I want to start with a spoiler. Star Wars is rubbish. Not the new one as I have not seen it. But that first one is just plain tosh. (19)

Dad Jokes: A cultural phenomenon

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Dad jokes are an anomaly in that they do come from your Dad, however the term joke is very loose. Does your Dad have the same jokes from when you were a kid? I am sure he does. But what are the cultural references they use? (49)

My son does not have the X Factor

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If my friends kid was on The Voice or The X Factor they would win it. They are┬ábrilliant at everything. Swimming, karate, singing, you name it, they are just like so great. They are not that talented of course. They just have a parent who loves their child so much that they have lost all […]

What’s in a kid’s name?

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There is a baby or two on their way and, somehow, you have to provide kid’s names that you feel will inspire them through life and also find something that your Dad can’t get some form of pun out of. (11)