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Do kids harm your drinking?

Do kids harm your drinking?

Before kids going going out drinking with your mates was carefree and careless. All you had to think about was who is getting the next pint in or how many pork scratchings you could eat before nausea caused by fat intake took hold.

Now you are thinking: “I can’t get too drunk as they may wake in the night and I don’t want them to end up looking after me as I walk in to their door.”

Or “They are home all day tomorrow and do I really want a hangover as they are bickering with each other and trying to see who can climb the furthest up my head.”

My kids also like to come to the pub drinking with me. On the odd occasion, after junior school pick up, my eldest will say, “ Can we go for some Thai food?” What he actually means is “Can we go and sit with your friends in the pub so I can have a diet coke (don’t tell his mum) and bother one of your mates until they let me play games on their iphone?”

But it has now got even worse.

I was out with my chums to play football, and to go drinking of course, on Friday. One pint was nearly gone when another appeared in my other hand. Now normally this would be cause for a smile to appear on my face however a grimace reared itself instead.

My forearm, which was holding the full pint, really began to ache and throb. Then I realized why. This is the arm I use to carry my lazy 3 year old.

The tendons were killing me and, having thoroughly researched the matter, I think I have pulled my Lower Stellatitis (or Fosternicus, dependent on which journal you read).

I was scrambling around trying to find a table to put down the pint as every sinew in my lower arm and hand was burning. It still is now and it has been four days. That’s about a day longer than the worst hangover I had before kids.

kids and drinking 2.4 dad
Pick me up or you get this face!

So I have decided to search out some exercises that strengthen the arm to be able to pick up kids as if lifting the coldest glass of beer on a summer day.

So, if you have any ideas, please let me know so I don’t have to choose between carrying my kids or lifting a pint.


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