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My son does not have the X Factor

My son does not have the X Factor

If my friends kid was on The Voice or The X Factor they would win it. They are brilliant at everything. Swimming, karate, singing, you name it, they are just like so great.

They are not that talented of course. They just have a parent who loves their child so much that they have lost all sense of reality and have forgotten the child is human and not some form of demi-god.

Recently I won tickets to go and see the X Factor Final. We did think was a spoof email from someone in Nigeria for a while, but no it was very much true.

The winner had a strong relationship with her Dad who had been supporting her since she was 9. You could see the bond and it was very emotional. Equally emotional for the Mum who stood behind them both, waving her arms in the air, but generally being ignored by all.

X factor two point four dad
Me and the Mrs at the X Factor final

However, the Father must have known she had talent, or at least been told by someone sane that she could string a few notes together! At that point any Father would be so overtaken with emotion and do all they can to give their child the life they never had. I am also sure a little cash register, ker-ching, goes off in their heads.

The audience was also full of mums and dads with their boys manicured with swiped back side partings and their girls dolled up in dresses with converse shoes. All were here to enjoy the show and provide some insight in to what lies ahead for their Justin or Taylor.

In my son’s recent school report it said he could ‘hold a note.’ They never said which one, or whether he was holding it very tightly between his fingers, but he could hold it!!

When he held this note is a mystery to me and my wife as, when he does sing, about 4 notes come out of his mouth at the same time.

Now we are not being horrible about this vocal strangulation, just factual. We have a laugh with him about it and he knows that singing his not his forte so all is good in our tuneless household.

But what about those parents who believe their kids do have talents when they so obviously don’t? Is there some undiscovered strain of DNA which passes down from generation to generation which stops people seeing talent? Watch X Factor during the auditions and you know that some of the really bad ones have parents who think they are the next Bieber when we know they are more Reggie and Bollie.

One person who is not complaining is Mr Simon Cowell. Delusional parents are his life blood and create a conveyor belt of ‘talent’ to be thrust upon his shows for the next 20 years and more.

So the question is when does being a supportive parent end and somehow satisfying some sort of need to succeed take over?


Two Point Four Dad Two Point Four Dad is just your average Dad who tries his best, gets it all terribly wrong, blames someone else, and then comes out smelling of roses. In his dreams!!


  1. I’m constantly amazed by how delusional some contestants and their families are. It’s difficult, isn’t it? We want our kids to aspire, to be confident and to stretch themselves out of their comfort zone. But at the same time we want them to be at least a little bit grounded in the real world. There’s a middle ground that so many X Factor contestants and their families seem to have not so much missed as not even have been aware existed in the first place – and there are plenty of times when you can see that the parents are trying to live vicariously through pushing their children to achieve a standard that is wholly unrealistic.

    1. I was a bit of a ‘show child’ myself. Acted and sang a lot for years. However it was my thing and I never let my parents get involved. I would walk 50 minutes to rehearsals rather than get them to drive me. It was my thing. I also knew Mum would be overbearing if I let her get involved. Always been someone who likes to do it themselves and this is what I want my kids to do also.


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