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The Giving Machine: shop for yourself and help others

The Giving Machine: shop for yourself and help others

I hate shopping. Even online it drives me bonkers. My wife has a constant stream of ASOS packages flopping through the door and never seems to send them back. I guess she has got the hang of it!

However I did want to put a word out for a shopping website I do think is good. Why? Well for every purchase you make, you can also donate to a cause that is dear to you.

The Giving Machine website was set up about 10 years ago by Richard Morris. I met him, and one of the other founders, at the time and soon realized that this was a business of passion and was simply an online execution of what he believes in as a charitable man.

The great thing is that if your group or school is trying to raise money, you simply set up a profile on the site and then make sure all your members know to come through your profile if they are looking to shop online. The commission from the sale then goes direct to your cause.

There are over 1000 stores on the site so I am sure even the most picky of people wont be able to complain.

And to date they have raised over £1 million squids.

I received an email from Richard today with the video below, which is to help them raise funds to improve and grow The Giving Machine so they can do even more to help local charities. I thought I would share it with you.


To help you can either donate direct to The Giving Machine through the Fundsurfer crowd funding site.

Or simply head to The Giving Machine website and either buy or set up your own cause.

Note: I ain’t received a penny for this article. I have met Richard a couple of times and believe in what the site can do to help people. Just thought I would help out that’s all.


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