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Why every man and woman should hate the Daily Mail

Why every man and woman should hate the Daily Mail

My Dad buys the Daily Mail. When he visits I make him show me his hands before he enters the house to see if he is carrying it. If he has it, he stays outside.

Today a friend of mine appeared on the front cover. Why on earth he agreed to appear in an article about becoming a stay at home dad I will never know. But he did.

In truth they wrote most of the article but some of the quotes were added/amended to add some spice I guess. The article has caused much vitriol so I am sure you can read more of that in your own time. However, they are friends of mine so you can go make up your own mind.

The whole article, which I won’t link as I refuse to send them traffic, centred around his relationship and how his wife, who I also know, doesn’t seem to like him very much anymore.

I co-incidentally saw him today and had a chance to get truth. He lost his business and now is stay at home Dad with crippling finances and needs a solution fast to survive.

daily mail two point four dad
No photoshop here. I think that is evident!!!

It’s a cold article full of truths, about real people who are facing the same issues every day. Yet, to sell papers to idiots and bigots, it had to mock him with some 1970s stereotype of the role of the man – and also of the women.

They photoshopped him an apron to look like a right plonker.

Any man who takes responsibility for his kids should be fuming. Women, I believe, should be even more fuming.

Why? Well as a woman do you like the stereotype of being someone who wears an apron?

Just because he is stay at home dad, does that make him feminine, or a woman – in that Terry and June world where a female’s role is in the kitchen?

The fact is that more and more men are taking active roles in their households due to work and financial situations. We have not retired, or spending time off.

daily mail stay at home dad
Mike taking responsibility to find work

We have not become women (for one day would be nice but I would be shattered and a bit tender after.)

And what the hell is a woman any more? I know for one thing it is not this vision that the Mail likes to extol in its Dickensian ways. My wife is a strong woman and appreciates why I have to spend more time with the kids. Am I weaker for it? Am I less of a man? No! Fuck off I am not!

I don’t even own an apron!!


Two Point Four Dad Two Point Four Dad is just your average Dad who tries his best, gets it all terribly wrong, blames someone else, and then comes out smelling of roses. In his dreams!!


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